Why You Should Consider Using A SS Disability Lawyer

26 February 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you're disabled and meet certain qualifications, applying for social security disability may be recommended. This program is rather strict and can be frustrating to deal with, though. Put your best foot forward, ever before applying, by hiring a SS disability lawyer. They can provide the following benefits. 

Determine if You're a Good Candidate

There are a lot of qualifications that you must meet before you're ever considered for these benefits. Knowing what they are can be somewhat complex, but not when you hire an experienced SS disability attorney.

They'll look at your case and see if you meet Social Security's criteria, saving you time and energy. First, they'll assess your medical injuries to see if they can be considered a disability. Then, they'll move onto your financial situation to make sure you are a good fit for this program.

If you ultimately find out that you're not a great candidate, at least you know before getting too involved in the application process.

Facilitate the Appeals Process 

A majority of applications for social security disability get denied the first time, causing you a lot of frustration because you probably spent hours filling out and double-checking various forms. Although this is certainly a setback, a social security disability lawyer can make it right by facilitating the appeals process.

They'll find out why your application was denied, so that the same mistakes won't rear their ugly head again. It may have been a misspelled word or missing information. Whatever the case, your attorney will make sure you get approved the second time without any hiccups.

Represent You in Court 

If your social security disability case ends up going to court, a SS disability attorney can represent your interests. This ensures you are treated fairly and makes it more likely that you receive a positive ruling. 

Your attorney will prepare you well before your actual hearing. This way, you already know what questions will be asked and can thus respond in a detailed and capable manner. Lastly, your attorney can compile the necessary medical evidence and financial figures to show why you should be approved for social security disability. 

If you've reached a certain age and can no longer work because of a certain disability, you deserve social security benefits. Getting them doesn't have to be a complicated, drawn-out process if you work with the right social security disability attorney -- who has your best interests in mind.