Repetitive Motion Injuries: What You Need To Know About Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

28 May 2021
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When many people think about workers' compensation claims, they tend to think about single event injuries that happen on the job. However, this is just one of the situations that could lead to you being eligible to collect workers' compensation benefits. In addition to benefits that are paid as the result of an on-the-job accident, workers' compensation laws also cover what is known as repetitive motion injuries. These are injuries that occur as the result of performing the same task over and over again in the completion of your job duties. Read More 

Safeguarding Your Claims In A Negligence Suit

23 April 2021
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Accidents and injuries that result from negligence expose victims to negative outcomes, including permanent disabilities. It is essential to hire a negligence attorney to avoid some of the pitfalls that have doomed most victims in their pursuit of justice. Most cases are long, cost a lot of money to defend, and end up causing more psychological trauma than the actual events. In such a suit, having a negligence attorney may determine whether or not you receive compensation. Read More 

Why Forming A Corporation Is Easier To Do When A Corporate Lawyer Is Hired

22 March 2021
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Starting a new corporation is like creating a big puzzle with a lot of tiny pieces. The pieces represent tasks you have to do to form a successful corporation. A corporate lawyer can help you with this task so that you don't struggle too much.  Review Complicated Agreements When any corporation is formed, there are bound to be complicated agreements. These may be contracts for employees that will be representing the corporation or agreements about financial matters. Read More 

Resolving A Child Custody Issues When You Work Nights

24 February 2021
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When you are trying to determine child custody, both you and your partner may want to spend as much time with your child as possible. However, you may be forced to work nights and sleep all day to be able to meet the responsibilities of your job. A child custody attorney will be able to help you resolve this conflict. The Neutrality of the Courts The courts are not allowed to take sides and are supposed to only take into consideration the best interests of the child. Read More 

Three Features of Contracts That Can Easily Lead to Disputes

22 January 2021
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Contracts that state clearly what is expected of each party are optimal, but legalese has a way of making contracts a lot more complicated than people would like. That, unfortunately, can lead to disputes as people interpret items in the contract in different ways. Some features of contracts are more prone to disputes than others. These three in particular need to be hammered out to everyone's satisfaction before anyone signs because they could create many more problems. Read More