2 Ways That A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With A Motorcycle Accident Case

6 January 2015
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Hiring a personal injury attorney is one of the best things you can do if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, mostly because of the many ways in which he or she can help you. Two ways that the attorney can help you with a motorcycle accident case are to ensure that your expenses are covered and that you are not held responsible for the accident.

Ensure That Your Expenses Are Covered

The primary task of your personal injury attorney is to make sure that you are appropriately compensated for any damages as a result of an accident. Your attorney is going to do everything in his or her power to make sure that you do not have to pay for any of your medical bills or vehicle repairs out of your own pocket. 

In addition, the attorney can help you sue the person responsible for the accident for any lost wages you may have experienced as a result of any injuries that left you unable to work. This is great because it means that you will not have to stress out about paying for you and your family's living expenses or bills while you are trying to recover. An attorney can sometimes even sue the responsible party for additional money due to any inconvenience, pain, or suffering that you experienced as a result of the accident.

Ensure That You Are Not Held Responsible

People who are responsible for causing an accident will often attempt to shift the blame to the victim in order to avoid having to pay for any damages, increased insurance premiums, or criminal charges if it is discovered that the driver was negligent or under the influence.

In many cases, the responsible party will try to shift the blame to the victim by claiming that the victim was doing something illegal, or driving recklessly. Unfortunately, this tactic can be a real risk for you if you are a motorcycle rider due to a common misconception that motorcycle riders drive too fast or recklessly.

However, a good personal injury attorney, like Gerald A. Lefebvre, will be able to make sure that the blame is not shifted onto you by investigating the accident in order to obtain evidence that proves that the person you are suing was responsible for the accident. For example, the attorney will be able to tell by the location of the damage on the vehicles involved who was most likely at fault. If the damage to your motorcycle was mostly on the back of the bike, then it is less likely that you were the cause of the accident. 

In addition, the attorney can use police reports and phone records to obtain evidence of fault. The police reports will often contain detailed information about the scene of the accident, while the phone records can be used to determine if the driver who caused the accident was on the phone when the accident occurred.

Speak to a personal injury attorney today if you have been in an accident while riding your motorcycle. The attorney will be able to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, while also making sure that you are not held responsible for the accident.