Need Legal Help? Know When To Use A Private Practice Attorney And When To Use A Law Firm

26 May 2015
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If you are in a situation that involves the law, having an attorney who can explain the entire situation to you and then make sure everything works to your best interests is often the best way to take care of it. It doesn't matter if you have been accused of a crime, need to evict a tenant or have a contract to sign. If there is legal terminology, or the court is involved you should make sure you understand everything exactly. The question is whether you should choose a private practice lawyer or go to a law firm. Here is some information to help with your decision.

When to Choose a Private Practice Lawyer

If you have a single, simple legal issue, going with a lawyer who has a practice based on this issue is probably your best bet. This is common for things like real estate or business contracts, personal injury cases, and family law. This lawyer spends all day dealing with the same kind of issue you have. He or she knows how the different judges handle the cases and also know the opposing lawyers. The lawyer may have a legal aide to help with any research and run errands. This will be less expensive than having the lawyer do all the footwork and will save you money.

When to Choose a Law Firm

When the situation encompasses multiple problems, using a law firm can be of great benefit. This can be a DUI situation when there was an accident with injuries. You will need a lawyer experienced in DUIs, but also one to handle the personal injury part of the situation. You may even need a third lawyer to deal with the criminal aspect if you have been charged with negligent homicide. It is also good to use a law firm if you are going to be needing legal help on numerous occasions for a variety of reasons. This is usually how businesses handle their legal issues and will keep a firm on retainer.

While it is true that any lawyer can handle any type of legal issue, having one with experience in the area of law you need can be the difference between winning and losing the case. Ideally, your attorney will be able to settle everything without the need to go to a court trial. For more information or if you need legal assistance, visit or a similar website.