Increasing Your Social Security Disability Acceptance Chances

9 August 2016
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If you were recently injured on the job, you may have contemplated filing for Social Security disability to make up the difference in lost wages you are experiencing due to your inability to make a paycheck. When one files for Social Security disability benefits, there are several points they should consider in an attempt to increase the likelihood their claim will be accepted. Here are a few tips you can use to make your chances of a successful Social Security disability claim more favorable.

Retain Doctor's Paperwork To Prove Inability To Perform Job Functions

When you file a claim for disability benefits, it is important to have the proper documentation necessary to back up the reasoning for your injury. This paperwork can be obtained directly from your physician and can be sent along with your claim form to prove you are unable to work as you had before you became hurt. Should you fail to follow your doctor's recommendations regarding treatment of your condition, this could have a negative impact on your Social Security disability claim, leading to the denial of benefits.

Limit Other Income Sources While Waiting On Word About Your Claim

It is best to only work minimal hours when waiting for the approval of your claim if possible. One can make up to $1130 a month and still have the chance of obtaining benefits. If you are working several hours a week at a low rate of pay, however, the claim is more apt to be denied as it will appear you are still able to maintain a part-time workload without difficulty. These numbers are taken into consideration when determining who receives benefits and who does not.

Adhere To Guidelines If You Need To Appeal A Disability Denial

Many people are denied the first time they fill out a claim form. If they fail to provide enough information showing evidence they should be granted benefits, a denial may be given. A denial will be obtained through the mail. If you receive a letter indicating you are not eligible for benefits and you feel this is unjust, you have the opportunity to appeal this decision. Make sure to read the appeal form you receive with your letter in its entirety as there are strict guidelines in place regarding the statute of limitations you have in replying.

It may be beneficial to speak to an attorney at this time to obtain further information about the process in appealing a denied claim. They would ensure you meet the criteria to the best of their ability and would be available to represent you in court as the appeal process would require an official hearing.

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