Potential Problems When Pursuing An Accident Claim Against A Taxi Driver

5 October 2016
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As a taxi passenger injured in a multi-car accident, you will face some challenges that victims of other accidents may not face. Here are the two common challenges for this kind of accident:

Being Held Hostage by Warring Insurers

If it is a two car accident, be prepared for the drivers' respective insurers to dispute the liability of their respective drivers for the accident. If it is clear that both drivers were liable for the accident, their insurers will still dispute the extent of their respective driver's liability. This can take a long time to resolve since the insurers have little to lose. In the meantime, you will be suffering without the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Limited Settlement Funds

The other problem is that there might not be enough funds to cover your damages. As you know, a defendant's insurance coverage is the primary source of funds for paying damages in a car accident case. However, in a multiple-car accident involving multiple passengers, the insurance money might not be enough to cover everybody's losses.

What's even worse is that taxi companies rarely buy coverage exceeding the minimum limits required by their states. Unfortunately, these minimums aren't usually that high. What is more, the same coverage limit is usually used to cover both bodily injuries and property damage. This may mean, for example, that the same limit will be used to repair the damaged car and pay for your injuries.   

Dealing with the Challenges

Be prepared to deal with each of the challenges to get the compensation you deserve and get it fast. If the case is being held up by the insurance companies, you can help yourself by providing any evidence or testimony that can settle the liability dispute. For example, if you have a picture of your driver talking on the phone while driving, it may help speed up the case. Hiring a car accident attorney will also help; your attorney may help prove your injuries as more serious than other drivers, and thus increase your share of the available settlement money.

The good news is that rarely is a passenger responsible for an accident, so you aren't likely to face any accusations along those lines. However, in the unlikely event that you are accused of contributing to the accident, you will need to defend yourself just like in any other accident. This is one more reason to collect preserve evidence (such as pictures or videos of accident scene) after a taxi crash.