Charges That You Could Face For Street Racing

28 July 2018
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If you have a need for speed, you might occasionally feel tempted to satisfy it on the roads or highways around your home — and you may soon be paying the price. Police officers can not only give standard speeding tickets, but can also charge you with street racing if you're driving excessively fast or otherwise showing signs that you're racing against a motorist. Being found guilty of street racing can leave you with a hefty fine and a driver's license suspension, but there are also some other potential negative outcomes that can arise. Here are some additional charges that you could face for this driving infraction.

Vehicular Manslaughter

In the worst cases, drivers who are racing end up colliding with other motorists. You may be traveling so quickly that you cannot react in time to avoid a car that pulls out in front of you, or you may lose control when racing and slam into another car. You may injure the other driver or, in some cases, even kill him or her. In the latter scenario, it's likely that you could face changes of vehicular manslaughter. This is a charge that could send you to jail should you be found guilty.

Dangerous Driving

Different states have different rules for dangerous/reckless driving charges, but you're apt to get one of these charges if you're caught street racing. A dangerous/reckless driving charge may result from you being in an accident while traveling at a high rate of speed, but it's also possible that you could get such a charge simply from a police officer observing you speeding. Dangerous driving can encompass a wide range of violations that you commit while street racing. For example, when you're traveling at a high rate of speed, you're apt to be ignoring the various street signs along your route, which could lead to this charge.

Impaired Driving

As much as it seems unconscionable that you might think that it's a good idea to street race after consuming alcohol, the reality is that many irresponsible drivers make this decision. The consumption of alcohol can impede your decision making, which may be a catalyst to you deciding that you want to race another motorist. Impaired driving can often lead to car accidents, and when you pair a high blood alcohol level with extreme speeds, you're even more at risk of being in an accident that results in significant charges against you.

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