Sexual Harrassment In The Technological Age: Things You Should Know

17 March 2019
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Sexual harassment used to be unwanted sexual comments, jokes that were sexual in nature, and groping or fondling of one's body. That made it fairly simple when it came to sexual harassment lawsuits. Now, you have mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc., and many of the sexual harassment lawsuits have had to step up to keep up with the times. The following are now included in sexual harassment laws, so if you receive any of the following, you should consult with sexual harassment attorney services and move ahead with a lawsuit. 

Unwanted "Sexting"

"Sexting" is the act of texting someone a sexual comment, sexual reference, and/or sexual messages in an attempt to sexually arouse interest. While this is fine between two consenting adults (albeit not a very smart thing to do because it makes your sexual relationship rather public to anyone who uses or checks your phone), it is not fine when someone sends you such messages and you are not in a relationship with that person. It can make you feel very uncomfortable, especially in the workplace. Reply only once with a very firm and mature response to the sender to leave you alone. If he/she continues, report him/her to your human resources department, or report him/her to the police. 

Personal and Intimate Pictures of Genitalia and/or Breasts

Whether these pictures come to you in an email or in a text message, you do not have to look at them, nor do you have to save them (after you show H.R. and/or the police). In some instances, it may be considered pornographic to send such images, and the sender could receive very severe penalties both at work and via the police. Additionally, these images can and often do make it onto the internet, which puts everyone's intimate parts on display. Sometimes photoshopped images make it seem like you are the one showing off your parts, which can be seriously humiliating. When all of these images are sent to you or shared online, you have a clear-cut case of sexual harassment. 

Asking for Personal Favors in Exchange for Privileges

When a supervisor asks for a personal favor in exchange for privileges at work, it can make you feel as though you are in a prostitution-sort of exchange. A lot of times, these simple "exchanges" turn into something much more sinister. If things really start to get dark and creepy, stop doing any favors for your boss and report them. If nothing is done about the situation, sue.