Need To Fix Your Vehicle? You Might Need A Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

29 October 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you recently filed an accident claim with your insurance company, you might expect to fix your old vehicle right away. But if your insurer won't cover the full cost of repairs to your vehicle, contact a motor vehicle accident attorney right away. A motor vehicle accident attorney can help you receive the repairs and any other compensation you need without the stress.

Why Won't Your Insurer Pay All That You Need?

If your insurance company won't cover the full cost of your vehicle's repairs because of its age, it might come back to haunt you later. Even if your old vehicle suffered minor bumper or door damage during your accident, you may still want to fix your car or truck. Your vehicle could have more than just a few nicks and dents to repair.

Some fender benders can damage the engine, fuel tank, and even transmission. Vehicular problems such as these can make it dangerous to drive your car or truck. Some accident victims' vehicles even stop working after minor fender benders. 

If your insurance refuses to pay for your vehicle's repairs or wishes to total your vehicle altogether, reach out to a lawyer today. 

How Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Help?

A motor car and truck accident lawyer can look over your claim to see why your insurance company refuses to honor it. Sometimes even the oldest vehicles can last if they receive timely repairs after an accident. If your vehicle's mileage is still low, an attorney may be able to negotiate the appropriate settlement to repair it. It may cost you more to purchase a new vehicle than repair your current car or truck.

In addition, if you have repair estimates from mechanics in your area, give the estimates to an attorney. An attorney can determine if the cost of repairs are within your insurance policy amount. A lawyer may submit the estimates to your insurer.

If your insurer still refuses to repair your vehicle properly, an attorney may reach out to the the at-fault driver's insurance company to help cover the costs. The driver's insurance policy may cover the rest of your vehicle's repairs, which may eliminate the need to file a lawsuit in court. A lawsuit may require you and a lawyer to obtain different types of evidence for your claim, such as photos of your vehicle and forms from the police.

You can fight for your car or truck's repairs by contacting an auto accident attorney for an appointment.