Dealing With Very Serious Car Accident Injuries

18 December 2020
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All types of injuries are possible from a car accident. In some cases, though, the injury could result in a long-term or even permanent disability. When that happens, you must take action against the driver that caused your injuries. If your injury could be described as catastrophic, special care is needed when seeking legal help. Read on to learn more.

What to Expect

If your injury from the accident was severe, you may have been transported to the closest level one trauma center. This is the highest level of care for those with life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, that level of care might not be readily available without a helicopter flight and those services can cost more than $50,000. Insurance companies may balk at having to cover this needed cost and that might be only the beginning of denials of services for your injuries.

Future Medical Care

The other coverage problem with severe injuries is continuing care long after the accident. Many times, accident victims must return for follow-up surgeries and weeks of rehabilitative care. Unless you take legal action, you may not be offered the coverage you need going forward. Whatever you do, don't agree to a settlement that does not contain future medical care coverage. If you do, you could be left paying the exorbitant medical bills on your own. The cost of future medical care is calculated using expert advice from doctors and economic healthcare professionals. To get a better idea of your health status, you may be asked to undergo an independent medical examination (IME). Be prepared for this exam to take place some time after the accident when your injuries have begun to heal and your future needs can be predicted. If you disagree with the results, you can have a second opinion exam.

Taking Action

To protect your interests, don't wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer. They can review your medical information and other forms of damage and together you will arrive at a suitable compensation number. Then, the lawyer will communicate with the at-fault driver's insurer and the negotiations will begin. While many personal injury cases settle outside of court, not all do. In some cases, you may need to take the other driver and their insurer to court to be paid what you deserve.

As soon as you are able, get a lawyer on your case. With serious injuries, a lot of important medical and technical information must be gathered and that takes time. Your lawyer needs to act quickly to secure witness statements and other evidence. Talk to a lawyer and be paid what you need and deserve for your injuries.

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