Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Paralegal

23 November 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Many people look forward to getting married and starting families. Unfortunately, not all marriages work out. Many married couples typically end up divorcing for various reasons. As most divorcing couples usually find out, the divorce process is challenging and exhausting. Couples have to go through numerous legal hurdles before they can legally separate. The process is even worse in contested divorces because they tend to get messy. Thus, courts have to intervene and help couples solve child custody issues and share matrimonial property. Divorcing couples should always consult legal professionals for assistance during the divorce process to ensure their interests are safeguarded. Couples can hire divorce attorneys or divorce paralegals, depending on the nature of the divorce. Unlike divorce attorneys, divorce paralegals do not offer legal counsel or represent clients in court. Divorce paralegals are assistants to divorce attorneys that either work independently or under a practicing divorce attorney. Below are a few ways divorce paralegals can help clients during divorce proceedings:

Preparing Relevant Documents

Parties in divorce proceedings usually rely on many documents such as affidavits. These documents must be well-prepared before they are submitted to a judge. Filing incomplete or disorganized documents can adversely affect one's request. Thus, parties in uncontested divorces can significantly benefit from the experience of a divorce paralegal. Divorce proceedings fall under family law and private law, which is under state jurisdiction. Therefore, each state has its laws and regulations governing the conduct of divorce proceedings. Divorce paralegals understand the applicable divorce laws and help clients prepare and proofread documents before filling them in court. 

Paralegal Services are Affordable

Divorces are usually pretty expensive. This is because experienced divorce attorneys charge considerably high rates based on their reputation. Parties in amicable and uncontested divorces can benefit from hiring experienced divorce paralegals to help with the formalities rather than hiring divorce attorneys. Divorce paralegals charge affordable rates despite their wealth of experience in handling divorce cases.

Adhering to Submission Timelines

It takes time to prepare legal briefs, draft affidavits, and other legal documents because it is quite a technical process. Divorce paralegals understand the format and information required in the legal documents depending on state laws. They are best-suited to assist clients in filing documents on time. Failure to file documents on time may affect a divorce petition or delay its determination. As such, parties with divorce proceedings should hire a divorce paralegal to resolve issues as soon as possible.