5 Questions To Ask Your Family Immigration Lawyer

23 March 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog


Family immigration attorneys help with deportation and immigration concerns. To have a family immigration lawyer who serves you on short notice and fully understands your case is everyone's goal. Ensure that you work with a family immigration lawyer with enough experience to handle your immigration issues. You will only do that if you ask the right questions during your initial consultation.

Find below some questions to ask your family immigration lawyer.

1. What is Their Experience?

Apart from academic excellence, determine your lawyer's years of practice with your case type. Remember, your goal is to find an immigration-specialized lawyer with the right experience. A family immigration lawyer with sufficient experience will always have a clue about what goes on in the immigration field.

In addition, determine the number of awards won in the past years of practice. Lastly, find out your lawyer's peer interactions history.

2. How accessible are They?

You aren't entitled to a hundred percent of your family immigration attorney's time. However, they should avail themselves when you need help. Ask the number of hours your family immigration lawyer works per week to determine if that time works for you. Also, find out how your lawyer tackled previous emergencies to know if you will get help when a similar situation arises.

3. What Personal Traits Best Define Them?

Your family immigration lawyer's traits will make a significant difference in your case. You can grasp a few of these traits on your first interaction. To be sure, ask for possible ways of presenting your case against judges. You can then gauge the portrayed communication skills. A good family immigration lawyer should present your case with persuasiveness and clarity.

4. Do They Understand Your Native Language?

Effective communication is crucial in immigration cases. Therefore, Find out if your family immigration lawyer can speak your native language fluently. You won't find it easy to express certain circumstances of your case without using your local language. You will communicate effectively with your lawyer if they understand your native language.

5. What Fees Do They Charge?

Experience, accessibility, and personal traits such as excellent communication skills are vital. However, it all doubles back to whether you can afford these services. Therefore, ask the fees your family immigration attorney will charge for handling your case.


A family immigration lawyer should have the necessary skills to handle your case well. Whenever you need help with an immigration issue, contact one near you. The above questions should guide your quest in finding an excellent family immigration lawyer.