Estate Planning: 4 Considerations To Make In Selecting A Guardian For Your Kids

1 June 2022
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Estate planning is an important step for anyone with children. Among other things, it gives you the chance to choose who you will leave your children with if you happen to die. It's a huge decision because the guardian becomes responsible for the upbringing of your children, making sure they are safe and happy. As such, it is essential to go with someone you trust implicitly. Here are a few considerations to make:

 1. Go with a Person Who Shares Your Values

This person will essentially become a parent and a source of influence to your children, so it is essential that they share your core values and beliefs. Things like religious views and worldviews influence how you would want your children to live. For example, if you're a Christian, go with someone who'll pass on the Christian faith to your kids. This applies to any other faith and value system as well.

 2. Go with Someone with The Emotional and Physical Capability

Select someone who is physically and emotionally able and willing to take on the responsibility of raising a child. This person should be in good health and have the energy and patience required to care for a young child. This is because bringing up children is taxing in itself, and you don't want someone who doesn't have the commitment and the capability of carrying out the work. On top of this, have a person who is financially stable, because raising children costs money and someone like this will give your children a better chance at enjoying their lives.

 3. Go with Someone Who Lives Close by

This will help your children to maintain contact with their guardians and continue to feel like they are part of a family unit. It will help reduce the need for an adjustment that would be there with a change in both parents and their physical environment. Additionally, you can select someone who is already a part of your children's lives, and close with them if possible.  This can include a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or close family friend. Having this type of relationship will make the transition easier for your children if something happens to you.

This task may be a daunting one, but do take time to select someone in light of the above considerations, and others that you may have. Estate planning is worth it, for it will help you carry your wishes beyond the grave. 

For more information, contact a local estate planning attorney