Should You Consult A Workers' Compensation Attorney?

23 August 2022
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If you recently took a leave of absence from work due to an on-the-job injury, you may expect workers' compensation to pay for your time off from work. You may also expect workers' compensation to pay for your medical exams, medications, and therapy. But if workers' compensation doesn't do any of the things you expect it to do, consult a lawyer today. Learn why it's important to consult a workers' compensation lawyer below. 

Should You Receive Workers' Compensation?

After a worker becomes injured on the job, they should receive workers' compensation some time afterward. Florida and other states require employers to report their worker's injuries within seven days of receiving them. However, some injured workers never receive workers' compensation from their employers. The injured individuals may need to return to their places of employment or risk losing their jobs.

If your employer or their workers' compensation provider denied you benefits and requested you return to work right away, consult an attorney today. You may qualify for a free legal consultation to assist you with your dilemma. 

Could an Attorney Help You?

A workers' compensation attorney can provide a free-of-charge consultation regarding your situation. The consultation will allow a lawyer to do several things, including:

  • evaluate your injuries and how you received them
  • determine the type of workers' compensation benefits you should receive and for how long
  • assess your future medical and financial needs

An attorney may also request documentation about your injuries from your employer. Employers must document their staff's injuries through incident reports as soon as they acknowledge them. If your employer didn't report the correct information about your incident, an attorney may add the neglectful behavior to your workers' compensation claim.

If an attorney chooses to accept your case, they'll contact your employer's insurance provider on your behalf. An attorney may ask an insurer to reopen your claim or start a new one. You may need to visit additional medical doctors to strengthen your new claim. Your old medical documentation may not list every problem you experienced from your accident. 

A lawyer may complete many other important things to obtain your benefits, including investigating the claims of your employer. If your employer threatens to fire you or something else during the investigation, consult an attorney immediately. Employers should never retaliate against their employees during investigations.

Learn more about your workers' compensation benefits by requesting a consultation with an attorney at a firm such as Hosmer & Wise PC today.