3 Ways A Bail Bonds Agent Can Make It Easier For You To Post Bail

8 December 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog


Posting bail for someone who has been arrested can be a stressful and expensive task. Thankfully, a bail bondsman can help to make this task a bit easier. Keep reading below to learn more about three of the many ways that a bail bonds agent can make it just a bit easier for you to post bail.

1. Available Outside Of Regular Business Hours

The bail office in most local jails is only open during regular business hours. This means that you may not be able to post cash bail during overnight hours or on weekends. This could mean several extra hours or days with your loved one stuck in jail. Bail bondsman help to eliminate this issue by offering their services outside of regular business hours. In fact, you will find that many bondsmen are available 24/7. More importantly, since bail bonds do not involve the transfer of cash between the bondsman and the jail, there is no need to wait for the bail office to be open for a bondsman to issue a bond and secure your loved one's release from custody. These extended business hours can also prove very beneficial if you work during normal business hours and are therefore unavailable to post cash bail during this time frame. 

2. Only Require A Percentage Down

If you are even a dollar short when posting cash bail, your loved one will not be released from custody until you have paid the full amount. Bail bond agents can help to reduce the financial stress this expense can cause. This is because rather than requiring you to pay the full bail amount upfront, a bail bondsman will only require you to pay a percentage of that amount upfront. This upfront payment covers the bondsman's fee. You are only required to pay the full amount of your loved one's bail if they do not show up to all of their court dates. 

3. No Need For You To Visit The Jail

For many people, visiting the jail to post bail can be an inconvenience. After all, just the process of going through security can take a significant amount of time. While you will need to visit a bail bonds office in person to obtain a bond, there is no need to go through the same security screening process as is employed by the local jail. This can make the process of posting bail faster and more convenient.