Settling A Child Custody Dispute With Help From A Lawyer

6 January 2023
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Did you and your ex-partner have children together and spend years in a relationship without getting married? If you are now in a conflict regarding who gets custody of the children, resolving the conflict can become worse if legal action is not taken. A custody conflict can also place stress on the children, especially if there is arguing involved while they are present. A smart way to resolve the conflict you are in with your ex-partner is to hire a family lawyer to assist with creating a custody plan in a cordial manner. Even if the other party refuses to cooperate, you can cordially settle the dispute by taking the case to court.

Taking Protective Measures for Safety

Has your ex-partner been negligent or abusive to the children during the relationship? If so, the safety of your children might be in danger, which a lawyer can assist with. If you believe your children are in danger when they are in the presence of the other party, a lawyer can apply for an emergency custody order. The emergency order will allow you to have custody of the children until the custody case has been settled in court. A lawyer can also assist with helping you get a protective order for you and the children.

The Best Interest of the Children

The biggest concern in a custody dispute should be what is in the best interest of the children. If neither you nor the other party is a bad parent, a custody agreement should be made that makes it easier for the children to spend time with both parents. However, even if a parent is not bad, the children might be better off with the other parent having full custody. For example, if one parent travels a lot and cannot spend much quality time with the children, they might be better off with the other party for the majority of the time. Hiring a lawyer makes resolving such a situation easier, as they will help with creating an arrangement that is based on the children's needs and without bitterness.

Gathering Evidence to Support Concerns

Any concerns that you have about your ex-partner regarding the children must be proven with solid evidence. A lawyer is useful in such a situation because they can gather evidence that will be accepted by the court. A lawyer can also investigate your ex-partner if it is necessary for building your case. For more information regarding the services a lawyer can provide, make an appointment for a consultation.

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