Surety Bail Bonds — Key Advice For Those Applying For Them

8 March 2023
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When bail is set at an extremely high figure for a loved one, it becomes more difficult to pay for. That's why surety bail bonds exist. They're basically an agreement between you and a bail bondsman. They'll pay the bail amount and you'll pay a certain percentage. Applying for a bond won't be hard if you follow these guidelines.

Find an Agency That Offers Surety Bonds

To successfully apply for a surety bail bond, the first step is finding a bond agency that offers them. All you have to do is go online and then search for bail bond agencies in your area. Then you can see exactly what bond types they offer.

Once you find agencies that offer surety bonds, be sure to review their rates and bond processes. This will allow you to be more strategic with the agency you partner up with. Subsequent application steps will then go according to plan.

Provide the Right Information on the Application

It's not very hard to apply for a surety bail bond today because you can do this all online. That being said, you'll need the right information to get approved and then help your loved one get out of jail. Some information you'll want to have prepared includes your name, occupation, identification details (Social Security number), and bail amount.

As long as you provide the right information and it's accurate, the agency's response should be almost immediate. Then you can get your loved one out of jail and help them show up to their court dates so that this surety bond remains intact. 

Pay the Premium

The last part of getting a surety bail bond to get a family member out of jail is paying your premium. This is the rate that you'll agree upon with the bail bond agency you ultimately work with. Again, it will be a certain percentage of the total bail amount.

As long as you're okay with this rate, you can proceed to payment and subsequently have the surety bail bond processed as quickly as possible. You'll receive a confirmation once payment is received too, so that you know you did everything correctly on your end. 

In order to get a loved one out of jail, it may be necessary to get a surety bail bond from a bondsman. The application process for a bond is pretty straightforward. You just need to research relevant terms and then follow through on your obligations. 

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