Dealing With Very Serious Car Accident Injuries

18 December 2020
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All types of injuries are possible from a car accident. In some cases, though, the injury could result in a long-term or even permanent disability. When that happens, you must take action against the driver that caused your injuries. If your injury could be described as catastrophic, special care is needed when seeking legal help. Read on to learn more. What to Expect If your injury from the accident was severe, you may have been transported to the closest level one trauma center. Read More 

Don’t Hesitate After A Pedestrian Accident

20 November 2020
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You may have been out for a walk or just trying to run some errands. Pedestrians have the right to safely cross and use roads when they are out and about. When a driver fails to see you and hits you, it's usually the fault of the inattentive driver. You should not wait too long to take action against the driver. Read below to find out why procrastinating things can lead to a missed opportunity to be compensated for the accident. Read More 

How Mediation Reduces Stress During A Divorce

27 October 2020
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One of the challenges of divorce is that it can often feel like a very confrontational and adversarial process. For example, your partner may make accusations against you, and you may find yourself in a battle over the possession of your house or the custody of your kids. However, with the help of divorce mediation, you may be able to make your divorce process less adversarial. Those Who May Be in Attendance Read More 

Why You Should Hurry Up And Consolidate Student Loans

25 September 2020
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The student loan crisis has only gotten worse as jobs have become less available. As a result, many students find that the many student loans they have taken out to pay for their education have piled up. Many students may choose debt consolidation to aide in their repayment. This makes sense since student loans are often the second biggest form of debt that Americans hold after a mortgage. Debt consolidation may be able to help students avoid serious consequences. Read More 

What A Workers’ Compensation Insurance Settlement Means

24 August 2020
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Many work-related injuries get better in a few days or weeks, and the worker can work at their previous job once again. Unfortunately, a few hurt workers don't get better and are ruled to have a permanent injury. When that happens, the usual workers' comp insurance benefits change from a partial disability wage to a lump-sum payment. Read on to find out what hurt workers should understand about workers' comp settlements. Read More